The End Justifies the Means

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Sometimes life is only as fair as you make it. Blending experience with imagination helped formulate the basis of, and inspired the author, T.H. Moore, to write The End Justifies the Means. The novel is uniquely creative fiction, but an equally honest representation of his life and challenges. The story is staged within the inner-sanctum of Camden, New Jersey where the undercurrents of treachery, bribery, and money laundering, fuel a family’s revenge against the city’s political elite.

The Devil’s Whisper

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Take a moment and imagine your history books devoid of war. Envision entire civilizations absent of heinous crimes against humanity. A planet spared from the plagues of slavery, cultural genocides, and the colonization of indigenous nations by foreigners. Would you dare make the choices necessary to maintain this Utopia in which universal peace existed? Could you live in a world in which loving your fellow man was the expectation, not the exception?


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