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(Space Filler)

Jalen Carthane has managed to avoid the stereotypical pitfalls of growing up in a poverty-stricken city.  After a deadly domestic dispute nearly takes both parents away, his mother’s self-sacrifice is followed by a sudden move to Philadelphia to Camden, New Jersey which offers an opportunity for a new life and a clean slate.  Then he comes face to face with the family “business”.

Kevin English, an older cousin and father figure to Jalen, leaves behind his tainted past in a sincere attempt to provide a safe lifestyle for his wife and child but falls victim to a murder attempt.  Undercurrents of treachery, bribery, money laundering, and revenge among family rivals and Camden’s political elite now leave the two men in danger.

Jalen and Kevin devise an intricate scheme to get their families out of harms way.  They quickly learn that integrating mainstream business principle and integrity with the raw rules and politics of the street don’t come easy.  At lease, not without a little dirty work to ensure problems disappear and their enemies can’t draw another breath.

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